International Business Law

Welcome on This winter semester, more than 150 students from all over the world at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts have acquired the hotspots of international business law exclusively online with this website and Zoom and successfully completed an online test. With this great experience, I will now continue to develop See you soon!

New feature: with the Google translator (s. below left) you can now translate the whole tool into your own language!

«Dear Mr. Grüter. I just wanted to thank you for your interesting International Business Law classes. This is a hard time for all of us due to Covid, however, I just wanted to say how much I learned and enjoyed your online classes via Zoom. I have found a new interest in business law which is thanks to you and your new tool» E-mail from Livia Beck, Business Student @hslu

«The well-structured lectures accompanied by the thorough tool provided students with a solid foundation in the subject of international business law. Thanks to Mr. Grüter, this topic was made not only accessible but enjoyable too. Lectures were engaging and exchanges were encouraged—a welcoming atmosphere. Even though the semester was held online over Zoom, Mr. Grüter was able to impart his passion for the subject and it was infectious.» E-mail from Michelle Bauer, Business Student @hslu